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Fireside Chemicals

Request a QuoteEven under the best managing circumstances, the customers can experience several issues with energy sources, from safe-keeping to burning, such as dirt hassle, as well as denial in ash and fly ash, fouling and slagging of heater and creation of clinker.

Thermomix/Economix variety of fireplace treatment products from Thermax Chemicals contain dirt suppressors, burning catalysts; slag modifiers and deterioration inhibitors that help increase overall burning and system efficiency.

Above substances is designed for the fireplace washing of burning remains in central heating boilers or any heat liquid heaters installs. During operation, firing, clinker and other burning remains area prevalent problem with such units. These remains adhere to the warm exchange surface leading to reduced warm exchange performance. As a result, the furnace or heaters produces higher collection temperature, this needs regular manual washing which in most cases, is not perfect, is time intensive and does not reach every parts of the furnace or heaters.

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