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Dual Media Filter

Request a QuoteA sand-anthracite filter or parallel press filter/multi-media filter is mainly used for the treatment of turbidity and revoked colours as low as 10-20 microns. Dual media filter provide very effective compound treatment under the circumstances of high filtering system rate. In the sand-anthracite filter is a padded bed of filter media. The bed is evaluated from base to top as follows: Having the filter media evaluated this way allows the sand anthracite Filter to run for longer times before a backwash is necessary. A sand anthracite filter or multi-media filter is made up of 2 main parts:

. A composite pressure vessel with Multiport Valve.
. Graded beds of sand and anthracite.

Internal, the parallel media filter is fixed with an intake supplier and a bottom Colleting program. On the outside, the program is fixed with front piping and solitude valves. Sand is used to eliminate the revoked contaminants and anthracite is used to eliminate the scent and color etc. to make the water fit for different applications. Gravels and stones are provided to support to both the media. Regularly, the sand-anthracite filter will backwash, which changes the discharge through the sand-anthracite filter.

Dual media filter contain anthracite along with fine sand reinforced by marbled and gravels. These filter consist of a coating of anthracite (1.25-2.5mm) resting on a coating of fine sand (1-1.5mm) Anthracite is coarse and has more dirt holding capacity as compared to fine sand. Dual media filters are used in places where the raw water contains suspended contaminants, turbidity and iron. Dual media filters provide very efficient particle removal under the conditions of high filtering system amount. These filters use layers of anthracite and garnet contaminants as the filter medium, with filtering system amount of 98% down to 2 microns. The dual media filters employ an automatic backwashing feature, which employs a variety of air and water to maintain unit efficiency.

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Dual Media Filter
Dual Media Filter
Dual Media Filter
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