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Alkalinity Controlling Chemicals

Request a QuoteThis therapy is part of Wilhelmsen Delivers Service Matched Treatment Program. Alkalinity Management provides the alkaline circumstances for Firmness Management to operate properly.

Without the correct precipitation and subsequent blowdown of firmness salt, range will form. This will result in limitation in water flow, worthless heat exchange and local deterioration.

The end effect would be an ineffective furnace and eventually element failing.

Alkalinity Management also provides the alkaline circumstances necessary for deterioration control, by neutralisation of acid smells.

Dosing Method

For the best possible outcomes serving Alkalinity Management immediate to the boiler with a Unitor Boiler Water Treatment Dosing device, or via the avoid pot-feeder set up in the boiler feed line.

Dosage and Control

A appropriate level of therapy is handled by analyzing for p-Alkalinity. The level is founded by the need and form of boiler. Discuss the offering workspace below for appropriate offering costs. The frequent technique of improving the alkalinity level is by such as the necessary wide range of Alkalinity Management after analyzing for p-Alkalinity. 225 ml/ton will improve the p-Alkalinity by 100 ppm.

Using the Table: Select the section corresponding to the pressure of the boiler to be treated and read across the table to obtain the level of treatment required.

Product Description

Soot Remover is a dry powder compound formulated for safe removal of soot and deposits from
Description Nova alkalinity control is a liquid formulation containing alkali and a sludge Conditioner.
Colour - Colourless To Hazy
Density - 1.28
PH - Above 13

Product Use

When alkalinity management is added to boiler water, it providers free hydroxideAlkalinity in order to achieve three things to maintain a challenging safety layer of metal oxide over the steel and thereby prevent certain types of deterioration. To provide a proper environment for precipitation of suitable debris materials. To keep it in solution so as to avoid predisposition of silicous machines. To chill water and service water resources. Alkalinity control is used to modify Ph of the water from the acid side to a little bit alkaline for the decrease of metallic Corrosion.


1. Convenient ready to use liquid.
2. Can be mixed with most treatment chemicals.
3. No co2 release as with soda ash.

Feed Requirement

Alkalinity control is used in controlled amount so as to maintain a phenophthalein
Alkalinity in boiler water in the range of 300 to 500 ppm as calcium carbonate. Alkalinitv
Control ranges will vary depending on boiler operating pressure.

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